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Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) 
Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) was established in 1938 by General Motors as the GM Diesel Division. GM Diesel Division was later changed in 1970 when General Motors merged with the Allison Division, to form Detroit Diesel Allison Division. When Detroit Diesel was first founded its original product was the Series 71 engine. Over the years their products have become more advanced and durable. In 1957 Series 53 and Series V-71 engines for on-highway and off-highway were introduced which made Detroit Diesel well-known in the diesel industries. 

Due to the population capacity increasing and vehicles escalating, the DDC needed to generate new and reliable products. In the early 1970’s Detroit Diesel introduced the 8.2 Fuel Pincher diesel, two years later the Silver 92, then in 1987 the diesel leader, Series 60 was established to the diesel market. The Series 50 was developed in 1993 by its sister the Series 60, and now the new announcement in 2007 of a greater horse power, and more torque engine is the DD15. We have Detroit Diesel series 60 for sale.

Detroit Diesel has become a worldwide leader in the diesel engine economy and has more than 2700 authorized distributors and dealer locations nationwide. Over the years Detroit Diesel has been recognized for providing engines for medium and  heavy-duty diesel for various arrays of applications such as:     
Detroit Diesel Series 60, Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing

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