1.   Preventative maintenance minimizes costs and downtime
2.   Improve fuel economy
3.   Increased pulling power
4.   Extended engine life
5.   Like new engine performance without the cost
6.   Minimize downtime and save on parts and labor cost by replacing        components at one time
7.   Reduced oil consumption
8.   All Series 60 engines are restored to Detroit Diesel factory          
      specifications and all components are upgraded to include design         improvements
9.   Series 60 engines are in stock and ready to install
10. Series 60 components and engines are backed by a nationwide              warranty 
If you choose not to STEPUP your Series 60 engine; the Basic, Super, and Complete Overhaul are available at a lower cost with a 1 year warranty on all reliabilt parts. 
An Overhaul On Your Series 60 Engine
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