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Detroit Diesel series 60, Detroit Diesel engines for sale

R&L Diesel Service, Inc. is a full service dealer of Detroit Diesel Engines. For more than 50 years we have provided the best Detroit Diesel parts and Detroit Diesel Engines for sale, including the Detroit Diesel Series 60.

We work with the latest tools and equipment from the Detroit Diesel Corporation; all of our engines that have gone through Detroit Diesel remanufacturing are of the highest quality. Browse our Reman, exchange, overhauls, good-runners, repairs, maintenance, factory warranty, ECM programming, Dynamometer and parts for sale. Our Detroit engine parts are sold genuine new, Reliabilt and used.

In-stock we have:
2-Cycle (Series 6-110, 53, 71, 92)
4-Cycle (8.2 Fuel Pinchers, Series 50, Series 60)

And we also carry engines and parts for: 
In-Line (2-53, 3-53, 4-53, 2-71, 3-71, 4-71, 6-71)
V-Series (6V53, 8V53, 6V71, 8V71, 12V71, 16V71,                   6V92, 8V92, 12V92, 16V92)

Call or stop in to experience our excellent customer service, a continuous practice since the beginning of our three generation family business!

Detroit Diesel parts, Detroit engine parts

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Detroit Diesel remanufacturing, Detroit engine for sale